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High Level Concepts (Overview)

A short description of various concepts you might see across the tool. Go to the next sections for detailed explanation concepts and features.

ConceptShort Description
Data PersistencyBy default, changes are not saved, meaning that after you reload/close the page they will be gone. Saving will store your patterns and settings locally in the browser to persist across sessions.
Imports/ExportsExporting will generate a light JSON file containing both patterns and settings. When importing you can choose to import settings, patterns, or both.
PermutationsEnabling permutations will generate words with all possible orders of elements.
OptionalsWhen an element/group is marked as optional, the wordlists generated will include words with and without that specific element to maximize the likelyhood of a match.
GroupsGroups are used to either stick certain elements together when permuting the pattern, or to generate permutations only on the elements inside the group.
Sticky Character CombosIn the Settings tab you can define character sequences that should never be split when generating shortened versions of a field.
Special CharactersSpecial characters used in by default include only the list present in the Settings tab, which includes the most commonly used ones.
Character Replacement CandidatesIn the Settings tab you can define potential character replacements to be tried when the Repl@ceWithSpeci@l option is enabled on a field.