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Quick Start

This tool comes shipped with some default settings and patterns to help get you started.

Head over to the Patterns tab to get an idea of how the tool generates wordlists. (i.e. potential passwords)

Generating Wordlists

  1. Go to the Patterns Tab and either create your own patterns or customize the existing ones.

  2. Go to the Generate Wordlists tab.

  3. Fill out the form with as much information as possible on the potential target. (Hover over the i icon next to each field for more details)

  4. Click on the Generate button at the bottom-right.

  5. Within a few seconds, the wordlist(s) will be generated and downloaded.

Note: Your browser might ask you to allow multiple downloads, click allow as the tool will split large wordlists.

Exploring Generated Wordlists

This version of the tool does not have any features to display the generated wordlists. However, you can simply open the generated wordlists in any Text Editor or your favourite IDE.